Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today's blog is brought to you by....

I've gone totally commercial today and am filling my blog with advertisements. Of course all these ads are from vintage comics and are presented for their entertainment value only. All offers are outdated, so don't try to send away for this stuff! You'd only be wasting your money. of course, maybe you would have been then, too.

I'm a man in my 50's who wants to look slimmer and feel younger -- but I think I'll pass on the free trial offer for the Chevalier!

Who exactly ever bought "salve" -- and what is the stuff anyway? These comic strip ads sure make selling it sound appealing, though.

Who doesn't want to be "hep" anyhow? Joe Bonomo was an interesting guy. Somewhere I have a signed copy of his self-published bio. Among other things, he was once a Hollywood stunt man -- and claimed to have done stunt work on Lon Chaney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame." And yes, it was his family that made the taffy!

Have a radioactive Christmas, folks!

Comics used to be chock full of offers to turn the readers into muscle-bound "he-men." What did they think we all were, skinny (or chubby) little nerds? Oh -- wait a minute....

Great cartooning here from Capt. Marvel artist C. C. Beck!

OH! I want one!

I'm sure these were the always disappointing little plastic "flats." From a nostalgic point of view, kind of cool, now. As a kid, ordering any of this stuff back then -- a big rip off!

"I'll mow ya down!"

I'm so glad they solved that mystery! Now to sell some salve and win a live pony!

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