Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Mark of the Z!

Here's a long lost article on TV's Zorro, Guy Williams. This comes from the same issue of the digest magazine Calling All Girls that provided the Bob Powell Christmas comic I posted last month. Click on the pics for a larger view, as usual.

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Booksteve said...

I absolutely adored Guy Williams as Zorro when I was a child. It was already in reruns by then but I still had Official Disney Zorro gloves, coloring books and drawing pads. Leftover merchandising maybe? I used a thick black crayon to make my "Z's" all over the neighborhood.

Guy was also great as Captain Sinbad! With that grin and that charm, he was the epitome of a stereotypical swashbuckling hero...until he ended up in LOST IN SPACE playing straight man to a robot and the comic relief villain. I was/am a big LiS fan, also but it's still sad to see.