Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Wally Wood Christmas

Wally Wood drew this holiday comic strip continuity in 1967.  This complete version of Bucky's Christmas Caper was scanned from an issue of Jim Steranko's Mediascene magazine.  Click on the strips for a larger view. Merry Christmas to my fellow comics fans everywhere!


Tony said...

great stuff, man. thanks for sharing! nothing excites me like Wood's inking, even on cute little numbers like this.

Booksteve said...

This one has become a Christmas tradition around here. We used to do it from ten MEDIASCENE version but these days there are always a few sites that post it annually. My son and I sit together and read it aloud with all the voices and sound effects! A real favorite.

Have you seen Wood's LUNAR TUNES? It was one of the very last things he did and was a last ditch effort to revive Bucky. By then he just couldn't do it anymore, though and much of the art was screens and pasteups with the pencils and inks being very shaky to be kind.