Thursday, December 10, 2009

TBG Christmas cover 1982

In the early days of my comics career, I was a regular contributor of cover art to Alan Light's weekly fanzine, The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom.  I'm not sure how many covers I drew for TBG over the years (though someone did send me a checklist once -- which I'm sure is packed away somewhere in some box in my storage closet) -- but I only kept the original art for a handful, and this Christmas cover below is one of them.  This scan is of the original -- the color added version done in Photoshop, after scanning the original color mask overlay.  I did at least one more Christmas cover.  If I can find it before Christmas, I'll post it, too. 

The comics and toys are items from my own collection that I thought collectors might enjoy finding under a Christmas tree.  I've since sold that Daredevil #1 (darn it!) -- but still have the rest of this stuff.   Shortly after publication, Milt Caniff  sent me a postcard telling me he enjoyed seeing the Terry and the Pirates characters on this cover!


Anonymous said...

Yowza! Pulp memories! A tip of the late, lamented fold'em in half so they fit in the boxes better TBG...and to a great artist. [and Merry C., too.] stephen borer.

Booksteve said...

Was digging back through my collection of TBG clippings the other day. I only kept the covers I really liked and I have a LOT of your covers! Great stuff.

Oh, and speaking of your early stuff, have I ever told you that I think your cover of BROOKE SHIELDS, AGENT OF F.U.R.Y. is one of the few drawings that can make me laugh every single time I think of it? You have such a gift! If I've never said it, thank you, sir! Have a great Christmas!