Monday, December 21, 2009

Everett Shinn's Santa

My childhood notion of Santa Claus was largely formed by images from the Everett Shinn illustrated edition of The Night Before Christmas.  Here are a few of those images, snagged off the web.  My own copy of the book -- the same that was read to me as a child, is ragged, torn and marred by repairs done with yellowing scotch tape.  Some day I'd like to own a nicer condition copy -- but I think I'll hold on to that ragged copy no matter what.


swinging monkey said...

i too have a ragged copy of the night before christmas.My mom would read it every xmas eve, and now i read it to my children.It may be old, and torn, but it is still loved just the same.

Karina Florez Chokewanca said...

Those pics are really scary xD

Shaun said...

Thanks for the pics. I was trying to track down the edition my mom used to read to us (which she received when she was a kid). This is the edition.