Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's  Scary Monsters time again!  Here's the wraparound cover for the seventy-third issue.  Considering the subject matter was '50s space kids, I couldn't resist going all retro-comic booky this time.  I worked the magazine's mascot, Sam Scare into the crowd of frightened kids on the back cover -- though he doesn't exactly seem scared.  I loved drawing that big globby space brain/amoeba thing!  The various elements were drawn in ink and/or pencil, and combined and colored in Photoshop. 

Now on to several commissions, more Return to Perdition pages, and packing up some artwork I've sold to collectors....


John Rozum said...

That's a great cover, Terry. Who would ever have thunk it, The Space Children, on the cover of a magazine? One of my favorite movies as a kid, which I have not seen since.

I really love the use and choice of color that you made. Can't wait to hold this in my hands.

Mike Moran said...

That is a great cover! Love it!