Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween is on the way!

Our great migration is done.  We are out of the old place and in the new.  There is still much to unpack -- but my studio is 90% together and I'm back to work.  To celebrate that -- and the upcoming holiday -- here are some cool Halloween images.  For your viewing pleasure -- some vintage Halloween decorations and some Wheaties cereal box masks  -- artists unknown.


Jason W. Gavin said...

I think the creepiest is the guy at the bottom with the moustache! Something about him...

Toronto realtor said...

Hi. Really cool images. I think that the first one - witch with pumpkin is the best. I tried to decorate our house in the retro Halloween style this year and these pictures are exactly what I was looking for. But I'm still not decided how to use them. I'll probably print them and stick somewhere. Thanks.

Happy Halloween,

Jp Pollard said...

Hi Terry-

Have you seen
It's $5 a month, but such an amazing archive of cartooning in mostly high-res images. Very much up your alley.

Hope all's well!