Thursday, October 8, 2009

FallCon, moving -- and indigestion posing as a heart attack

It's going to be a busy week and a half around the Beatty household.  

I lost a little work time this week due to an unexpected overnight hospital stay.  I'm OK, as it turned out to be not nearly as serious a thing as it first seemed (gastric troubles masquerading as a heart attack -- all the classic symptoms!) -- and I'm grateful for the wonderful care I received at Fairview Southdale.   I'm also grateful for the insurance coverage supplied by my wife's employer! 

I am annoyed that I had to walk out on the TOY STORY 3-D double feature only ten minutes in -- but as much as I love 3-D, when you think you're having a heart attack (even if you're not), it's best to get yourself to the emergency room!

So I'm running a little behind on the two commissions I wedged into my schedule this week  -- but I'll catch up.  One is already about 90% pencilled and looking good. 

Coming up this weekend, we have FallCon, the local two day comic book show.  Guests include Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Gerry Conway, Peter Bagge and my old pal, MR. MONSTER's own Michael T. Gilbert.  The show is Saturday and Sunday at the grandstand in the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.  Details at the link above. Many of my former MCAD students will be there as well, with their latest comics projects.  If you're anywhere near the Twin Cities, please make plans to stop by!  Bring a jacket or sweater -- it'll be a little cool in there if the weather reports are accurate.

And starting Monday and finishing up over the next weekend, we're going to be moving our household and my studio into new digs.  We're simply moving to a larger place in our current townhouse complex -- but it still means boxing everything up and hauling it down the walk and across the parking lot -- and I have a LOT of books to move.  Any of our Twin Cities friends who'd like to help lug stuff over with us -- or watch Kirby while we do so, are very welcome to come help.  Contact me for details if you're able to volunteer.  I'll thank you with the gift of a page of original Batman art, if that helps sway you any...!

It'll be a very busy time, so I'll likely not post much to the blog for a while.  We may be off-line for a little bit, as we'll have to get our service switched to the new place.  Once we're in, I'll get back to posting "cool stuff" here -- including pics of the new studio set up, once it's all put together.

Wish us luck!

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S.P. Burke said...

Glad you're doing better Mr. Beatty. I'll be at FallCon with bells on!