Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh Brother! Fun with blue-lined Kirby pencils.

Finally there is an affordable 11 x 17 scanner/printer on the market.  I recently purchased the Brother MFC-6490CW "all-in-one" -- and am very pleased with it.  Cost was around $200 (after a rebate from Office Depot).  I wanted to see if I could print "blue lines" on bristol board for inking, so I scanned this great Jack Kirby piece (from the "Kirby Unleashed" book) and printed it in blue (well, cyan, if you want to get technical) on 200 lb. Strathmore smooth bristol.  Some other artists have reported not being able to run bristol through the printer -- but I've done it multiple times now with no problems.  After printing out the test blue line sample, I couldn't resist inking it!  So here's my take on "Bullseye." 


Will Rosado said...

SO terry, how do you feed the paper in? does it get rolled up or is there a feeder in the back of the unit. I'd have to go to my local shop to take a look at it.

Jimmy T said...

Sounds good. Is there a thick paper setting. I was looking to replace my printer and this would be Ideal to blueline and scan.

And the "Bullseye" is just to good for words.

Jimmy T

Neil D Vokes said...

Terry,it's a crying shame you didn't get to do a series with the King-you're a natural!

I'm grabbing one of those scanners ,too-thanks for the heads up,pal!