Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New studio!

So perhaps some of you are wondering where "the magic happens?" Well, since I've just moved into new digs and put together a new studio space, I thought I'd invite you along on a photographic tour.  I have three work stations -- drawing board, computer and sculpting/modeling space.  And, as will be painfully obvious, a lot of books and "cool junk."  Here's the entryway.  I often have a good ol' fashioned vinyl LP playing on the retro Crosley record player seen here at bottom left. 

Drawing board area.  Looks more crowded than it is....

Some comic art, signed photos and my Eisner Awards.
More art and autographs.

Vintage model kits.  The Fab Four suffered a little damage in the move -- will be repaired.
One of these Creatures needs his arm glued back on.  Moving is tough on this kind of stuff!

You may have figured out that I love vintage comic strips -- Popeye, Steve Canyon, Li'l Abner, Dick Tracy -- all represented well in my collection.

I worked on various Batman comics for 11 years -- so there's a little bit of Batman stuff here.

Sculpting station.  I'm working on a small scale bust of Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko -- which accounts for all the pics of Silvers in character. Sculpts in progress and model kits being built or repaired wait for my attention.
Except for the Lon Chaney diorama, the sculpts on the top shelf are all my creations.

Computer desk created out of a retro-style bar someone was tossing out! I love it!
It's a very comfortable and efficient workplace.  I hope to create a lot of wonderful stuff here!  Keep checking out this blog to see it all as it is made.


Josh Eddings said...

Oh sure, now you put the Eisner awards up...

Anonymous said...

So cool!

Ajahli said...

I am envious of this studio space!

Fritz die Spinne said...

Hello Terry,

GREAT space and interesting tour.

Would you tell us more about the characters from Freaks that you sculpted? More photos?

I bought a Dracula bust you made a few years back on eBay. Original Sculpey. Still proudly displayed with my books and ephemera.

Terry Beatty said...

Hey Fritz --

If you look back through older posts, you'll see many more pics of the carnival sideshow characters. I'll be offering castings of them for sale pretty soon....

Anonymous said...


Great space! Looks like it will allow you to be even more productive. Finally a nice way to display much of your collection.