Sunday, September 2, 2007

Karli's Birthday poster

This is my birthday gift to my friend, Karli. She's having a celebration, later this month, at my favorite Twin Cities watering hole, Lee's Liquor Lounge -- and asked me to do the gig poster. This was a fun project, since I'm a fan of these bands, love Lee's -- and had been wanting to do a gig poster for some time now. I'm also a big fan of the work of John Hanson, the man who set the style for Lee's posters, ads and graphics -- and borrowed a logo and a notion or two from him for this piece -- forgive me, John. (You can find much of his ultra-cool work on the Lee's website: )

Click on the image above for a bigger view.

So come on down to Lee's on the 29th and help us celebrate, OK?


Mike Manley said...

That great Terry! Makes wanna drink!

John Beatty said...

I dig it a lot, cuz! Nice old skool feel to it.


Unknown said...

Terry, what a great birthday gift and poster. I' sure Karli is thrilled with this. The ghoul and birthday cake really rocks. Have a great time at the party.