Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wild Dog Lives!

Some years (decades!?!) ago, Max Collins and I produced a super-hero comic book for DC called "Wild Dog." It was short lived, but is recalled fondly by its fans. I still can't appear at a comic book show without at least one person asking me about a potential return of the series. And this fan, photographed by my "The Batman Strikes" collaborator Chris Jones at a recent convention, is obviously still digging on the Wild Dog experience! Thanks for the photo, Chris -- but who IS the man beneath the mask? GRRRRR! Stay WILD!


Anonymous said...

That was me behind the mask. Glad you liked the costume. There are still some tweaks that need to be made accuracy wise.
And for the record, Wild Dog needs to make a come back.

Terry Beatty said...

Thanks for remembering! It'd be fun for Max and me to revisit Wild Dog's world. I don't know what the chances are of that happening -- but we seem to have all sort of other Collins/Beatty projects in the works -- so who knows?

Anonymous said...

Now that Wild Dog made a comeback in Booster, it would be a great time for a new mini-series!!!
Ken O, how did you make that jersey?
thanks again for the great sketch last year at MN Fall Con Terry, I was the one with the Wild Dog Sketchbook!

Jason G

Anonymous said...

You certainly inspired my crazy ass. I guess that image of Wilddog stuck in my head all those years which became the inspiration for my look.

Unknown said...

Nice, I thought I was the only one to be a fan of Wild Dog... and the only one to make a Wild Dog cosplay.

Unknown said...

Oh! I didn't realize this blog was by the same person who created Wild Dog! I guess of course you are a fan then... doh!