Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beatty's Miniature Sideshow and Odditorium: part one

I'm in the process of sculpting a series of carnival sideshow figures -- human "freaks" and "gaffed" display items. Here are pictures of the prototype sculptures - done in polymer clay and Castilene (sculpting wax). Figues include a tattooed man, a fat lady, a "pickled punk" and a mummified mermaid. These will be cast in "cold-cast bronze" (a resin with bronze powder added to the mix). Finished versions will first be displayed as part of the upcoming MCAD faculty art show. I will eventually be adding more figures to the line up and offering a limited number of castings for sale. Comments welcome.

More pics will be added when the finished versions are done -- and when further prototypes are sculpted.

The tattooed man was sculpted in polymer clay -- baked -- and then the tattoos drawn on the figure in ink. After that, they were scribed into the surface with a needle -- an elaborate process!

The "pickled punk" is sculpted in Castilene -- here are pics of it in and out of the jar in which it will be displayed.

Mummified Mermaid -- also in Castilene -- based on an actual carnival sideshow prop manufactured by the Nelson Supply Co.

Inspired by various carnival sideshow "fat ladies" -- this is a polymer clay prototype.


Craig Zablo said...

Those are very cool. Thanks for sharing. Love to see more...

Unknown said...

Very nice work Terry. You've got alot accomplished in the last few weeks. Looking forward to seeing images of the final pieces, especially the detail on the Tattoed Man. Thanks for sharing.

william wray said...

I love these all i can say is more.

Terry Beatty said...

Thanks all. There will be more.