Monday, September 19, 2016

REX MORGAN 9-12-16 to 9-18-16

I suppose one of these days I need to post something here other than my REX MORGAN strips -- but  I never seem to have the time. Even catching up and posting my PHANTOM strips has been something I haven't found a free moment to do. One of these days....

A few notes about this week's strips -- the unnamed patient in the 9-15-16 strip is clearly black in these toned dailies -- amazingly, he was white in the color version that appears on the Comics Kingdom website, as well as newspapers that print the strip in full color. Crazy, huh?

So -- the big thing that happens this week is Michelle and Jordan meeting. I've been wanting to throw these two together for some time. They are both ex-military, both "super achiever" types -- just seemed a natural thing to do. But how to get them together?

Well -- Jordan can drop by Rex's office for a brief checkup, due to delays in getting in to see his specialist. But then -- we have an ethical issue pop up. It is seriously frowned upon for medical professionals to get romantically involved with their patients. So now we have some questions to ask and answer -- and a stumbling block in the way of a potential relationship. And we'll be dealing with that in future strips.

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Lucas Cristovam said...

HAHAHA, you nailed it in the Sunday strip, Beatty! Great job, as always! Love your work.