Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rex Day Two

My second installment of  Rex Morgan hits the newspapers today -- and is already up at the Comics Kingdom site (18 comments by half past Midnight -- most of them snarky and insulting -- what a surprise!) Anyhow -- since it's the first week, I figured I'd continue to share the comparison of the color and gray toned versions. Again, the color isn't my work -- but the tones are.  

As for the snarky comments -- I don't take them seriously -- no more so than I would a heckler at a comedy show. I just think it's sad that some folks clearly have nothing better to do than wait for new strips to be posted so they can see who can be the first to make the nastiest comment. I just think it'd be nice if people who actually liked the strips would post more....

And this isn't just about me being the new guy on the strip, so I don't take it personally. Comments have been nasty on this and most other strips for some time now. So ignore the rude comments from the Peanut Gallery and enjoy the huge archive of strips available at the site -- and please, check in and see what I'm doing on Rex and The Phantom once in a while. Okay? Thanks!

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Rob Morris said...

Best wishes Terry on the transition from Graham. Not an easy feat, since readers are loathe to change. Looking good and I am sure over the next few months you will make it your own.