Friday, September 27, 2013

Original comic art - new selections! Batman, Unemployed Man and (sort of) Popeye!

Here's a selection of original art pages I've never offered before -- mostly culled from my "keeper" files.   Includes a nice batch of BATMAN pages -- of which I have very few left. Quick pics taken with my phone's camera -- so not the sharpest in some cases -- sorry about that. Contact me for payment/shipping details. I take Paypal, and shipping is included in the price for buyers within the US. Overseas shipping is $30.00. Descriptions of art beneath the pics. 

Thanks for looking! More Phantom art to be listed SOON!

 Two-page "new wave" POPEYE spoof from 1981 (!)  -- originally drawn for MOD, but cut for space considerations. Was published in an issue of Alan Light's TBG. Zip-a-tone has yellowed. Both pages for $200.00. And for the record, I like both punk and C&W (well, the roots-based sort of the latter) -- so there!

SUPER-FRIENDS splash featuring the SUPER-PETS! Pencils by Scott Shaw! and Mike Kazelah -- my inks.  $150.00

Splash page from THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN -- Galactus spoof. My inks over blue lines of pencils by Ramona Fradon (Unemployed Man and mansion) and  Mike Netzer  ("Kollectus!") $175.00.

ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN splash with "Greed Goblin" and "Dr. Boom!" My inks over blue lines of pencils by Rick Veitch. Digital printout lettering. Fun Marvel villain spoof! $200.00


BATMAN AND ROBIN ADVENTURES #20 splash page. My inks on pencils by Brandon Kruse. $250.00. SOLD!

BATMAN ADVENTURES #17 page 22 -- final page! My inks. Rick Burchett pencils. $175.00. SOLD!

GOTHAM ADVENTURES #22 page 16. My inks -- Tim Levins pencils. Batgirl and Gordon fight scene. $125.00. (Fuzzy pic -- sorry.)

BATMAN ADVENTURES #2 page 16 by Burchett/Beatty. Batman and Riddler. $150.00.

THE BATMAN STRIKES #34 page 4 Chris Jones pencils, my inks. Batman and Riddler. "Inaction figure" package labels are paste-ups. $150.00.

Unpublished page of BATMAN sample art. 1980's? Redrawn from "Batman Vs. The Joker" from BATMAN #1! My pencils, inks and letters! Modified Daisy Buck Rogers gun standing in for Joker's spray gun! SOLD!

Thanks for looking -- hope you see something you like!

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