Monday, July 22, 2013

Triple Phantom catch up!

Catching up on my Phantom posts again. So busy drawing, I can't seem to keep up with posting these on my blog!  Anyhow -- here are the three most recent strips. Is the first of them a tribute to "Gunther Toody"  of the classic TV show, "Car 54 Where Are You?" You'll have to ask writer Tony DePaul that question. And, yes, I know I left the "SP" shore patrol arm bands off the ladies in the last strip. Feel free to draw in your own.


Unknown said...

Love the art and storyline Terry!!! you guys keep up the Phantastic work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

yes, good artwork. Tony: I have to read the whole story to tell: goog script ! But I have no doubts about it ;-).

Terry: only one image appears: July 14th, 20013 (as of 2013-07-24).

Thank you for re-up the images.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Terry,