Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back in the cave / RIP Jim Shepherd

"Revenge in Rhodia" comes to an end. Next week -- a new adventure begins, with a couple of surprises. I'm looking forward to hearing our readers' reactions to the next Sunday strip!

I must note here the passing of Jim Shepherd, owner of Frew Publications -- the publisher of the long-running Australian Phantom comic book (ongoing since '48, with well over 1600 issues!).  Jim had been very kind to me, both privately (sending me copies of the issues that reprinted my work) and publicly (very enthusiastic comments in his editorials introducing me to the readers). As with super-Phantom-fan Ed Rhoades, who passed not long ago, I regret that I'll not be able to meet him and thank him for his support. Phantom fans worldwide owe Jim thanks for helping keep the character and the comic strip in the public eye. The Phantom has lost a great friend.

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steve said...

The Phantom collapsed and died at home after a day in the Office, which he obviously referred to as the Skull Cave.
He will be missed.
Steve Shepherd