Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The sunken ship -- a goof-up -- and the panel you didn't see

Here's the Phantom Sunday of 11-11-12 -- as seen on the web and in newspapers around the world.  But I didn't originally draw it quite this way.  The final panel was first drawn as you see it below the Sunday strip -- with the action going from left to right.  I'd pencilled, inked and colored the strip that way -- and was about to deliver it.  And then I realized I'd made a blunder.  

As drawn in the original final panel, the blast damage from the rockets fired by the jets would be on the opposite side of the ship from how I'd drawn it in that big panel in the middle row!  Ouch! So, with the help of Photoshop, I moved the inset Phantom close-up to the right, added the missing drawing created from the moving of the word balloon -- and then flipped the image of the ship and the jets, fixing the continuity issue.  I did neglect to flip the position of the big smoke stack, so there's still a small error in the artwork -- but not the big continuity blunder I initially made!  The mistake is preserved in the original ink art for the strip.

So there you have it.  I goofed.  I fixed (mostly) -- and now you have a little something extra to read about on my blog.

 Above: Corrected Phantom Sunday as published.  Below: Oops!

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