Saturday, August 25, 2012

Phantom art sales update! New art added!

In an effort to catch up a little on our finances, I'm offering a batch of Phantom Sunday strip art for sale.  Some of these are what went unsold in my previous listings -- but new pages have been added -- as well as some non-Phantom art.  Details on reserving/buying are at the bottom of the page.  No computer or furnace needing to be bought this time around, just a freelancer looking to get a little ahead of the ever-mounting bills!  Baby needs new shoes and all....

Sunday strip 4-22-12: Story panels one and two are digital "repeats" (somewhat altered from previous week). Moody Phantom close-up in panel 7. Was $250.00 now $225.00.SOLD

Sunday strip 5-13-12: First appearance of the Power House Gang. Phantom lurking in last panel.  Wire fence is digital.  Was $250.00 now $225.00 

 Sunday strip 5-20-12. Phantom in three panels with nice big 3/4 rear head shot.  I printed the blue line pencils way too dark on this one -- and, silly me, went ahead and inked it that way. Unlike the other originals, the blue line really does show on this one, which may be a distraction for some.  Was $250.00 now $200.00 

Sunday page 6-17-12: Phantom in two panels -- nice profile shot. Spatter effect in background of panel 6 is digital. Was $275.00 now $225.00.

Sunday page 6-24-12 -- Logo panel printed a little lighter than usual -- but doesn't seem as obvious in the original as it does in this scan.  Some of the background buildings are digital, but touched up and partially inked by hand. Nice big close-up of Phantom and some tricky panel/balloon placement! Was $300.00 now $275.00.


The following Phantom pages are offered for sale for the first time here -- images are quick cell phone camera shots, so not as clear as the scanned pages above -- but they should serve to show the art well enough. Paper looks a little gray here -- but is clean white bristol board.

7-1-12: Top right panel and circle inset are digital repeats of previous panels.  Phantom in multiple panels. Nice close up bottom left. $275.00

7-8-12: top middle panel is a digital repeat.  Phantom in several panels. $250.00

7-29-12: Phantom with guns blazing! $275.00 SOLD!

8-5-12: Full figure Phantom underwater. $275.00 SOLD.

Two non-Phantom pieces -- Superman and Batman ink and pencil 9x12 -- $100.00 for the pair. SOLD!(Blue cast in the background is from scanner, not on the art! Same for the scratch on the scanner bed's glass!)

Email me directly at to check on availability and to reserve.  I do take Paypal. I will update this listing as pages are sold.  For local buyers (in the KC area), I will gladly hand deliver your pages (or you can pick them up at the Free State Con in a couple weeks). In the US, price includes shipping -- and I'll toss in some surprise "extras" to sweeten the deal. Overseas buyers will need to add extra for shipping (amount to be determined, depending on location).  Thanks for looking -- and my apologies for the blatant hucksterism -- again -- but this seems to he most direct way to raise the bucks I need to keep the work flowing.  See you in the funny papers!

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