Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Power House Gang: Week Twelve

The Ghost Who Walks continues to mess with the Power House Gang -- who are pretty darned messy -- with all that paintball spatter all over them!  I got rather tricky with the panel layout and balloon placement here -- (I hope) pulling the reader's eye along with the balloons, so as to read the panels in a less than typical order.  Let me know if it works, will you?

The original art for this -- and  many other Phantom Sunday strips are going to be offered for sale here as soon as I can get them scanned and uploaded.  I'm usually only about promoting my work here -- not selling art directly -- but this week has been a difficult one, with our A/C breaking down and repairs not sticking (and today looking to be 100 degrees!) -- and my Wacom tablet (used to digitally pencil these strips) breaking down and having to be replaced -- and now my Macbook (also used to pencil, letter and and color the strips) has major issues and needs replacing before it heads off to the great laptop graveyard.

The A/C is covered by our home warranty -- and the Wacom tablet is already in hand -- but there was no budget this month for buying a new Macbook -- so it's time for an art sale.  Details to follow!!!

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