Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Power House Gang -- Week Four

The latest in-print Phantom Sunday strip.  Again, I'm taking advantage of the new format to draw some big panels. I liked the central Phantom figure enough to use it on the banner I recently had made for convention appearances.  For the banner, I reworked the face a little.  Smiling Phantom worked in context -- but for a promo image, I think he needed the serious face.

And yes, the image got squeezed a little for the banner.  I'm not a fan of how some papers disproportionately squeeze the strip art for publication (ugh!) -- but here the banner format forced the issue.  I tried to keep the distortion to a minimum -- and I think the end result looks fine.  The background is made up of assorted Sunday strips drawn by me -- color and black scaled way back so as to let the foreground image and copy dominate.  If you see me at a comics or collectors' show, I'll have this thing set up behind me -- it's HUGE!

And for those who like to see such things, I'm including the reference photo of me posing for that shot.  Much of the strip is drawn out of my head -- but for the sake of accuracy and expediency, I often shoot a quick photo (hurray for "Photo Booth") to check the pose, lighting, etc.  As you can see, the Phantom has broader shoulders and a stronger jaw than the unshaven fellow who draws him. 

Come back soon for more!  And if you're in the Kansas City area, please stop by Clint's Comics this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day.  I'll be there with fellow artists Rick Stasi and Steve Lightle.  I'll have original Phantom art (among other stuff) on display, and for sale. I should note that once the pages see print, the original art is available for sale to collectors.  Feel free to contact me if interested.

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Scott Cohn said...

ha! i've been using photobooth like a mo-fo since i found out about it. FANTASTIC artist tool. great work btw!