Friday, December 24, 2010

Comic strip Christmas cards!

While looking for some more vintage Christmas photos that I wanted to post -- which I still can't find -- I stumbled across these comic strip character Christmas cards which I'd forgotten about! So, a little time with the scanner, and here's another Christmas post for you. Enjoy!

Most of these cards are from a set originally sold in this box -- I don't seem to have them all, as Flash Gordon, the Katzenjammers and a few others appear on the box, but I don't have corresponding cards. Some of the cards below are a different size and appear to be from a different set.

That's a lovely Rip Kirby illo on the front of this card -- which might be by Alex Raymond -- but I suspect a ghost artist at work --the insides (below) certainly are not Raymond's work.
A pair of wonderful Steve Canyon cards sporting art by Milt Caniff -- followed by a George Wunder Terry and the Pirates card.

Though it has his signature, this Prince Valiant image certainly isn't the work of Hal Foster.

Not a comic strip character card -- but I couldn't resist including it -- this 3D card is a hoot! the front has a slot where there must have originally been a pair of red/green 3D glasses in front of this cute critters' eyes. If you have your own 3D glasses, dig 'em out and enjoy the 3D effect on the card's inside illustration. The final image is a small illo from the back of the card.

I hope YOU have fun-a-plenty this holiday season! All the best from the Beatty's house to yours.

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