Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1980's Flashback: Ms. Tree

There's a nice overview of my Ms. Tree comic book series posted HERE.


Ian said...

Terry -

About five years back I picked up issue 2 of your Phony Pages (hilarious!). Anyway there were two promos for Ms. Tree, one for issue 30 & on the back Ms. Tree posed holding a gun while above her was the word SUBSTANCE,in large white text.

Even though I'm not that into detective & crime fiction, your art & the little blurb grabbed me. I find most c('superhero') comics dull, in story as well as art,but there was something...different about Ms. Tree. Some indescribable quality that said "READ THIS!"

I had intended to find an issue or two to see if the book was as good as it looked in the ads, but it took me about 5-6 years to get around to it,(no comic shops here,had to go to ebay,I'm lazy).

I now regret waiting.
I also regret being a baby when Ms. Tree first appeared-but I digress...

It's been only about a month since I first started reading Ms. Tree,and I've got most of the comics(and a t-shirt with your wonderful art on it).

I expect you and Max are extremely busy, but I,and others, want to see more of Ms. Tree!

Finally- Two questions.

1. Did you design Ms. Tree's coat, or was that a style in the 80's?

2. Why hasn't there been a Ms. Tree action figure? There's been a few series of "indie" comic book characters recently, there's even a few of Dick Tracy.

Even a statue?

Sorry for the overly verbose letter/comment, and stupid questions.

Terry Beatty said...

Thanks, Ian.

The "Substance" ad was us poking fun at Marvel's Ms. Tree imitation "Dakota North," which had an ad that promised "Style." We couldn't resist.

If you're still looking for any back issues, try the Once Upon a Crime bookstore here in Minneapolis. That's where all my extra back issues went.

Ms. Tree's coat was based on a rain coat I found in a fashion magazine. Somewhere, I have the pic clipped and saved....

No action figure or statue? Well, I think we'd need to get a TV show or movie in production (which has come THIS CLOSE to happening more than once) before anyone would invest in producing that sort of merchandise. She's just not high-profile enough (at the moment) for that treatment.

Max and I are hard at work on a follow-up to "Road to Perdition." We hope to get back to Ms. Tree one of these days -- and plans are being made....

Thanks for asking!