Thursday, July 10, 2008

Princess Aura

For quite some time I was very active in the segment of the model building hobby known as figure kits -- or sometimes resin kits -- or even "garage" kits -- as the models in question are often created by hand in someone's garage -- casting a small scale figural sculpt in resin using silicone rubber molds.  In recent years, my teaching and comic book schedule has mostly kept me away from the modeling table.  However, upon getting my hands on this amazing kit, I couldn't resist getting back in the swing and building and painting it right away.  This is Princess Aura as portrayed by Ornella Muti in the 1980 film version of  "Flash Gordon."  The kit was produced by Charlie "Mad Dog" Dunton and sculpted by Chuck "2 Bit" Needham.  For my money, there's no better sculpted kit ever produced in the hobby.  It features an amazing likeness and an eerily life-like like quality.  The pose and anatomy are spot on -- and the attention to detail is stunning.  It was a pleasure to assemble and paint, and I'm thrilled to finally have this one on my shelf.


Anna said...

woahhh. For a moment I thought the second photo was an actual photo of a person! creepy (and awesome)

Anonymous said...

Nice work Terry! Good to see you putting some paint on resin again, and glad I found your blog!

ZenPupDog said...

Awe. Pure awe.