Saturday, January 26, 2008

BACK ISSUE article on MS. TREE

The latest BACK ISSUE magazine (#26) features a six page article on MS. TREE, the private eye comic book series I co-created with Max Allan Collins. Alex Boney interviewed Max and me and wrote a terrific history of the feature. The article also includes some previously unpublished images and some B&W examples of early Ms. Tree artwork (some of which does make me wince a bit -- but hey -- I was young and still learning). This "Spies and Tough Guys" issue sports a "Black Widow" cover by Paul Gulacy. For more info, check the publisher's website:

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ssmith said...

I understand Alex Boney interviewed you for a feature. Do you happen to have any contact info for him? I'm trying to get a hold of him to throw some freelance work his way.

Sara Smith