Friday, August 24, 2007

Why I love Minneapolis

Well, one of the reasons, anyway -- is that you can find such cool places to hang out as The Bad Waitress. Located just a few blocks from MCAD, this great pop culture-themed diner, not only has good food -- but the walls are chock full of monster, comic book, pulp fiction and cult movie stuff -- heck, it looks like I decorated the place! Marvel Super Hero and Universal Monster "Old Maid" cards serve to identify your booth, table or counter space -- and the "Revenge of the Creature" poster looms large in the men's room. Service can get a little slow when the place is packed -- but the food is worth waiting for -- and heck -- just dig all that cool stuff in the meantime. If only I could slip that copy of "Glance" out of the frame so I could read it....

1 comment:

ComicArt said...

What a cool place. There are a couple like that here in Atlanta and in Athens.
Thanks for sharing Terry.